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The power of your voice

The fantastic voice

Use your voice optimally and brand yourself to the max!

This course is for business executives, teachers, coaches, lecturers, those who solve presentation/communication tasks as natural part of their job, and those who have to speak in loud environments, media training, and receptionists.

The course can be arranged as a 1-2 day+ course, a short workshop/after-work meeting, 1-1 coaching during an agreed upon period of time, NB to get the most from 1-1 coaching the minimum is 6 lessons, but in general 10 lessons at least are the best way to integrate the exercises, to heal- and  develope the voice.

What are we going to do?

The course alternates between lectures and a high degree of participant activity. Following an introductory lecture on how the voice works physically and how it reacts dependent on our mind-set, we will perform a set of exercises that strengthen and develop the voice. The exercises will be connected to everyday communication and presentations.

Why should you participate?

The voice is an important part of our identity and we communicate using our voice for many hours every day, also taking into account that we in the Western world use approximately 20,000 words a day. In order to get our messages and communication heard it is important that we experience our voice as well functioning, clear and dynamic, melodious and loud enough to hear from the far end of the room. At the same time it is important that the listeners experience a voice which is pleasant to listen to in order to get the optimal from the messages.

The way in which your voice performs influences

Work performance and –status

All aspects of your communication


Others’ attitudes towards your message and whether they will listen to you or not

Why does the voice react the way it does?

The voice is a delicate and complicated instrument and it depends on many physical factors in order to work optimally. It acts differently according to the situation, and it will not always react in the way wanted. Used wrongly it can sound and feel tired and hoarse, and in the worst cases it can suffer real damage.

The workshop will reveal how the voice works technically, why it can “fail” us, and how it can be developed and nurtured. This workshop gives you the opportunity to get rid of muttering, missing endings, and fast speech. There will also be focus on developing and strengthening the voice and respiration is the secret how to do it.

You will learn how to

Understand your voice physiologically and mentally – so that it will always be in top form

Control your voice in relation to your messages

Improve your voice so that you can communicate even more steadily, effectively and trustworthily

Articulate clearly, control pace and talk so that the entire room can hear you

The employee and the organisation will get

A healthy and assertive voice capable of articulation and selling your messages, and which easier to understand

A communicator with credibility and involvement, and a voice that captivates everybody

After the course it will be easier for you to understand each other during conference calls, also across languages and cultures

A stronger general level of assertiveness – and consequently improved personal well-being that will rub off on the people around you

NB. Do you experience one or more of the following points

It takes great force for you to talk

Your voice starts feeling bad during the day

An uncomfortable or sore feeling in your throat

Shortness of breath when you speak

General muttering, whispering or a weak voice

A general desire for you to speak in a louder voice, from your listeners

Then we highly recommend that you take vocal training. Remember, if we do not take care of our voice it will end up sounding old and creaky – as time passes!