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1-1-Personal performance counselling: Assertiveness and oral communication


Course length: from 12 hours+

Participants: 1

Purpose: Developing your personal assertiveness and performance

Which competences will be addressed? Physically: your voice and body language. Mentally: your overall well-being, emotional IQ and positive mind-set. All in all it is about your impact, oral communication skills and wellbeing.

All of us have a personal brand – but are you using yours well enough? Assertiveness and performance vary from person to person. From the ability to physically present messages and communicate clearly using your body language and voice to finding the mental button that creates positive visibility, energy and dedication.

We communicate constantly, consciously or unconsciously, and we brand ourselves through the signals that we send out. But do we get the most out of these signals? Do we communicate our knowledge and facilitate togetherness well enough? Do you use yourself and your personality in the best way? Together, we will address the specific competences that you wish to improve, no matter whether this means that we will work with just a couple of areas or the full package. 

This coaching session is intended to be an aid for you, wishing to improve in one or more of the following areas:

You will achieve methods and techniques to:

  • Strengthen your personal  impact and communication style when speaking in public, presenting and one to one dialogue
  • Know how to prepare for meetings, conferences and presentations mentally and physically
  • Cope with stress and nervousness when taking the floor and create engagement and focus
  • Create great starts and endings, and make your messages varied, easy to follow and making results
  • Improve your voice physically and get to know how to speak with confidence, volume, variation, pausing and clear diction
  • Get rid of communication habits that may disturb your messages and your contact with your audience like: lack of self-confidence fast speaking, mumbling, no pausing, an ticks in bodylanguage
  • Get a natural body language that is aligned with messages and topics, natural eye contact, natural use of gesticulation and facial expression
  • Use Power point in a constructive way and get to know how to use the space in front of the presentation screen
  • Get the attention from your audience and make them listen, understand and activate your messages

Your result? The development of your personal performance skills will enable you to apply the relevant techniques in every situation. You get a personal, strong and positive profile benefitting you as well as the image of the organisation you represent.

Please contact me for further dialogue and price: / Ph: 0045- 219 69 911