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Take the floor: oral communication, personal performance and presentation

Take the floor

Get to learn the essentiel tools to present clear and with joy

Purpose Presenting information clearly and effectively, having a good time and the feeling of  confidence and engagement, is a key skill to get your message or opnion across. And why oral communication skills are required in almost every field, it is important to know how to grab that clear engagement, captivate your audience and get results. At this course you will learn and develop how to use nonverbal-communication in voice and body language, turn on your assertiveness,  getting calm  and engaged  and  create your personal presentation style.

Further more, you will get to know how important the right preperation are: Most people tend only to concentrate on what words to say and depending on quite  a lot of slides, but do nor consider the importance of how to prepare the performace it self. When learning how and what to prepare, you will find it much  more easy to conduct your oral communication with flow and engagement when the action is on.

Target:  The course are for anyone who want to get great in every field of oral communication.

You will achieve methods and techniques to:

  • Strengthen your personal impact and communicationstyle when speaking in public and presenting
  • Know how to prepare for meetings, conferences and presentations mentally and physically
  • Cope with stress and nervousness when speaking in public
  • Find focus and engagement at any time
  • Know how to create great starts and endings, and make your messages variated and easy to follow
  • Improve your voice physically and get to know how to speak with confidence, volume, variation, pausing and clear diction
  • Use the resources of the body-language and get rid of any tics
  • Get rid of communication habbits that may disturb your messages and your contact to your audience like: fast speaking, mumbling, no pausing, body language that is not aligned with messages and topics, lack of eyecontact, lack of selfconfindence.
  • Use Power point in a constructive way and know how to use the floor in front of the Power Point, and be the leading role
  • Get the attention from your audience and make them listen, understand and activate your messages

Your company will get an employee that:

  •  will present your company the best way possible, engaged, focused, clear communication and a bridge builder to the audience
  • that thrives much better when speaking in public, by handling tje personal tools learned
  • that know to destress themself when being in the action
  •  that speak with a confident tone of voice and a positiv  bodylanguage
  •  who manage to listen and manage the importance of silenc
  • that will have more fun when selling your products and ideás

The course will start up with an introduction to the topics of the tools. This course is runned as “leaning by doing” so expect quite a lot of activity.

Jan Rubæk-PedersenManager, Sensor R&D at Danfoss IXA A/S I will strongly recommend Vibeke for her teaching skills andauthentic behaviour – it’s an absolute pleasure to enjoy herpresense and firm guidance 😉 Wan’t to be better at presenting and put on a good show? – ask her! I love it! 🙂

Marianne Benfeldt Special adviser CBS “I can highy recommend every manager/leader and employee to take a course instructed by Vibeke Krogsgaard, Voxlab. And by that to be assertive verbally – Get in control with your voice and body language – and perform well at presentations/seminars/conferences or when teaching.Vibeke Krogsgaard is the founder and instructor of the courses at Voxlab. Vibeke has a profound insight and a very professional approach in her work which for me has meant that I have achieved a tremendous and positive change in my own presentations. Thank you so much, Vibeke for your professional guidance, deep insight and devoted work to help and improve my performance”

 Jesper Christensen Department of Strategic Management and Globalization CBS  The anatomical and technical aspect you provide at you course, means to me, that the quality and seriousness  is at a very highlevel. The knowledge and the tools you present and provide, are quite easy to obtain and er very usefull.  I will strongly articulate , that your course differs from other presentation courses, where the majority is about the technical part and what is going on in the mind. These tools learned  already makes a difference in my work.

Birgit Barder Strategic Project Purchaser, NPD at Danfoss Dives A/S. I have been searching for that extra dimension, I could not describe for my presentations, and I have attended         so many presentation-courses, but did not find that something extraordinary to boozt me and my presentation.Then I decided to attend Vibeke Krogsgaard and Voxlab´s course “Take the floor”       and this has been such a positive experience. This course is that dimension I was searching for.Before the course I just thought I was just not good at presenting, Voxlab´s course gave me an             insight and tools that I never expected could give me so much impact.We learned how to get that inner peace to ignite engagement and how your voice Work. And one big eye-opener were how         important your respiration system is avery serious co-worker in general for your impact and presentationstyle.The tools that you learn from Vibeke are very supportive, and makes you come             across with innerpeace.To me this course were ”the missing link” due to that I was looking for that extra dimension when presenting.

Carolina Mir Tønder HR Manager Rambøll Vibeke gave a course in Ramboll on presentation techniques – ‘Take the floor’. Her approach is unique and will give you insights in all the necessities to deliver a great presentation for a huge audience. She will make you feel comfortable in the learning process and will for sure be able to improve your skills no matter what level you would be at. I highly recommend her for her professionalism, engagement and interaction.

Number of participants I recomend up to 10, but the possibility up to 12 is an option

How to book, prices, and further information: or call +45 219 69 911

Course leader Vibeke Krogsgaard, Voxlab

Among our customers are Danfoss, Novo, CBS, Nordea, Danish National Auditors, And many more