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Master your fantastic voice

Master your fantastic voice       

Get to know the fantastic world of the voice. Learn to use its potential for maximum effect and increase the ability to communicate clearly and engaged.

Workshop from 1-4 hours.

Participants from 3-100+, any person can benefit from this workshop

The way your voice perform for you

  • May effect work performance or work status
  • May effect communicating in every aspect
  • May effect self-image and self- confidence
  • May effect how your audience listens or not and remember you – or not

Why participate

You open your mouth to speak and after speaking you stop, that is the “ON and Of-button”- but have you ever considered how the voice really works so hard for you?

The voice is an important part of your identity, used many hours every day, considering most people in the western world pronounce 16.000-20.000 words per day. To get your messages and communicating across, it is important that your voice has a comfortable pleasant sound, is clear, confident and dynamic. When using the voice correctly, the side effect is better presence and facial expression that makes it easier for your audience to understand and interpret your messages, knowledge and arguments.

Physically the voice is a delicate and complicated instrument, a fine piece of engineering that most people do not know to use as its best. For that reason many people experience difficulties as lack of volume, feeling hoarse, mumbling or unsatisfied about their sound.

Most voice disorders are caused by misuse of the voice, such as being stressed, talking too loudly, talking too much, mumbling, speaking with effort from the throat, and, believe it or not, whispering. Used wrongly it can sound and feel tired and hoarse, and in the worst cases it can suffer real damage.

At this workshop you will get to know how to use, develop and control your voice at its best and having fun doing it.

People often experience

  • Not contend with the sound of own voice
  • General muttering, whispering or a weak voice, tend to speak fast, or no pausing
  • The voice starts feeling bad or sore during the day or when presenting
  • Shortness of breath when speaking
  • Shifting from one language to another makes a difference in voice and expression

You will learn how to

  • Understand your voice physiologically – how it works technically, and how to use it right
  • Improve your voice so that you can communicate even more steadily, effectively and trustworthily
  • Control your voice in relation to your messages: the voice takes colour from how you think and feel, for instance: if nervous: it will sound nervous, presenting on the Autopilot: it will sound dull and monotonou
  • Articulate clearly, control pace and talk so that the entire room can hear you

What is in it for you and your organization?

  • A healthy and confident voice that gives your communication and presentations impact and presence
  • At tele-  and video conferences it is easier to be understood and interpreted
  • Greater self- confidence due to a steady voice will present you with a credible and winning image
  • Representing your organization positively ad make an impression to be remembered

At this workshop you will get activated from the very beginning.

For Information and booking please contact Vibeke Krogsgaard, M: 21969911 or E: