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Maestro – the manager as a conductor

Course length: from 2 hours to 1-2 days

Participants: 4 – 20+

Purpose: strengthening your managerial style and performance, communication skills, creativity and cooperation skills. You will also learn how to brand yourself and the group to the max

The course is for everybody holding managerial positions

Assertiveness and involvement generate motivation and cooperation

…These are the key words for how you and your “orchestra” can play optimally. Already from the first beat of rhythm your strategy will become evident as your orchestra’s immediate musical reaction works like a mirror of your communication skills and managerial style. Through this workshop and team building you will experience what personal competences and tools you can use to get your team into action, using creativity and dynamic synchronisation within the fixed framework that you set.


Experience the role as a manager from new perspective with tools from the musical world and learn how discipline and creativity complement each other while you lead and structure the task at hand.

Using tools for developing and working with communication, management and cooperation you will work with your interpretation of a piece of music. At the same time you are responsible for involving and using the individual musician as well as activating the group’s potential in order to achieve a complete and shared “product”.

We will provide either musicians or a choir, or you will be the “choir” and take turns in the managing role. There will be plenty of insight and techniques readily available for you to learn from the orchestra or the choir.

We will begin with an introductory lecture and you will watch videos of professional conductors conducting the same piece of music, and you will see how the result depends on the conductor’s charisma and managerial skills in cooperation with his or her team, the orchestra, in order to create a productive and successful organisation.

Everybody can participate

No previous musical experience or skills are required; we will instruct you on the necessary technique and the simple pieces of music used. These are based on popular melodies.

Take this workshop if you want to

Strengthen your personal performance, creative skills, communication skills and responsiveness

Get your team together and define management in an enriching and challenging way

Develop your employees resources and generate better cooperation and esprit de corps

Learn how to manage projects using the ability to think of opportunities and solutions in the moment