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Instant personal impact

Duration 1-4 hours

Participants 3 -1000+

Purpose This workshop will provide you with tools to start your energy, engagement and nonverbal communication skills in body language and voice. Make a strong and positive team and individualist from the receptionist to the leader.

Personal impact, you are what you think

What is impact? Is it a phenomenon only some people got?

No, everyone can find the button that creates their personal impact, and get the influence of making the day a great one. It´s just about knowing what works for the individual, mentally and physically.

Your personal impact are between the ears: what you think and what you feel will reveal through your voice and your body language – at this workshop we will  grasp what mindset, voice and body language means to whether we are coming across with our communication or not and how we handle our self-image to the surroundings. We always deliver an image, it better be positive and strong- then we can attract and maintain customers and partners as well as having a constructive internal communication and – atmosphere with colleagues

Actually you can decide how you want to perform when knowing how to use a few powerful methods get to find your positive mindset grab the day and make it great get to know how to strengthen your nonverbal communication – body language and voice be at stronger communicator and listener

The workshop will change between lecture and lots of activity.

Contact: Vibeke Krogsgaard, M: 219 69 911 E: