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Get tuned when singing together

Duration:  From 2 hours – 1 day

Participants: 8 – 50+ participants in the case opera teambuilding

10 – 100+  participants in the case of a joint choir

The Teambuilding is open to everybody, no musical knowledge is required.

Purpose: this teambuilding will connect the team, create social ties, and develop personal and joint assertiveness.

 The experience will give you a real boost; we guarantee a special experience, and a set of tools that you can use effectively to the benefit of your organisation’s everyday working climate and communication. It activates your creativity, communication skills, emotional IQ, co-operation skills and focus- and listening abilities

What are you going to experience:  wherever you choose, “Help, are we going to sing opera?”, “The Choir experience”,  or “Let´s sing for  a great workday, energy, and health”

Tune in your team – literally

Did you know: Cambridge University investigated  that singing together, is the activity that gather people together faster than any other activity.  Gotheborg University investigated that when singing together, we get the same heart rate, and Oxytocine,  a hormone which makes us bond together, is increased.  Frankfurt University  investigated, that singing is physical and mentaly healthy, it lowers stress levels and improves mental alertness.

So -let´s get started, what options can we recomend to you ?

A. Develop your own mini operas by cooperating in one or more teams. We provide you with the tune to sing, you make the lyrics and the drama

An involving process where communication skills, cooperation, timing, focus and sympathetic insight come into play.

The voices are warmed up and the music is learned, and then it is on each team, to develop and create their own version “short opera”-scene. To solve this task dealing with the development of “the opera product” the teams must cooperate, distribute roles, decide on timing and desired expression, and they must be inventive when it comes to “make the scene”, before they enact their plays for each other.

B. Sing together as a choir 

Are you more inclined towards experiencing the positive challenge and great sound established when singing together in a choir? The choir master will help you create a joint sound with loads of variation which will throw qualities such as interaction, backup and drive into relief.  One challenge can be singing a canon, which requires, absoluteley cooperation , focus  and timing to keep the track

What will you get from it?

Energy, commitment and enthusiasm uniting the team

A chance to use your creative, logical and improvisatory skills – and lots of cooperation experience

Development of your personal and joint performances – learn how to effectively assert yourselves

Focus on assertiveness, positive mind-sets, the voice and body language 

For inspiration and information please contact Vibeke Krogsgaard E: M: 219 69 911