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Explore our motivating and educative courses that will make you captivate your audience when you speak in public. Get inspired, we are happy to customise courses that will bring your current knowledge to the fore.
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Lectures / workshops / after-work meetings
Active, energy-filled and fun experiences providing food for thought and tools ready-to-use immediately. Take a look here on the site or drop by our office, and together we can custom-design the perfect theme to give you the right kind of push forward.
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Courage and entertainment provide the setting for our teambuilding courses. Put together in different, challenging and absolutely energy-filled ways they will be sure to activate your co-operation skills and personal assertiveness. We can do much with music and we are happy to tailor-make a programme especially for you.
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A business owes its success to the quality and commitment of its people, get noticed as an individual and as a team
The floor is yours and you must captivate your audience – because you need to lead and sell. Because you are responsible for success…

Voxlab provides advice and techniques which will equip you with the necessary tools to take the floor and communicate with joy and personality. With energy that allows you to perform: which gives you and your messages the assertiveness to influence others, move people, and generate commitment and drive.

Our primary mission is to develop your personal potential that will make you act and react in the best way possible.

The word “performing” means, “to perform” and originates in the theatre world. Voxlab’s staff shares this quality. We are trained stage performers with many years of experience. We have advised managers and employees to step forward at meetings, general assemblies, in the media and at conferences since 2000.

Voxlab knows what it takes for “people”, “podium” and “performance” to become a success. We are passionate about bringing potentials to light using techniques for positive mental mind sets, control of the voice and body language and cooperation with well-being and energy.

Through fruitful cooperation with occupational psychologists and process advisers unique courses and experiences that produce energy, creativity and human interaction for managers and employees are developed.

We teach in Danish and English.

Helped me to take a tiger leap

If you want to develop yourself in terms of your communication skills I can highly recommend Voxlab. The focus on body language, pronunciation and vocal training rendered very fast and obvious results when it comes to my personal assertiveness. It was an extremely positive and entertaining experience. It is definitely the best coaching I have ever had, and from all the courses I have taken this course is one out of two that has helped me take a tiger leap. As a positive side effect I got an improved singing voice.

Morten Christensen Degn Program Manager Mobile Division Jabra® GN Netcom A/S